May 21, 2009

Step TO order

- Browsing my blog . Then You will determine and find these items what you want in this blog
- If you already certain about your choice, you can contact me. There are two manners :
via email : you can send email to me about list your order (mainly if you want to order many my product
email /fs :


via sms : you can also send short message to me about your order ( mainly if you want to order a few my product)
HP number : hubungi asisten gw aja dulu yah..... 0852-73348678(ONLY NIGHT)
( note : gw hanya dapat merespon sms kalian malam hari, dari jam 7malam – 7 pagi. So, klo kalian sms pada siang/sore hari, jangan marah/kesal yaw klo gw baru bisa balez sms kalian malam harinya. Kan sudah gw ingetin ^_^. OK! Thanks.)

- After you already inform me, I will tell you about how much cost that you must pay

- You must be able to transfer some money as the cost to my account (BCA)

- You must confirm to me if you already transfer. After that, I will prepare your package. And to provide your order. Please give me someday and understanding me^_^. Because I am working alone, and I’m so busy… Next, I exact send your package with good condition.

Thank you ^_^


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